There’s Master Christ

Homily for Wednesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time
Preached on May 26, 2010 at Holy Spirit Parish/The Newman Center at the University of Kentucky, Lexington KY
Readings: 1 Peter 1:18-25; Psalm 147:12-13, 14-15, 19-20; Mark 10:32-45

Kidnappers don’t take credit cards. Instead, they demand a ransom to be paid in cash, preferably in random bills and delivered at a designated spot and at an appointed time. They give out ultimatums and don’t offer any negotiations. Haggling with captors is non-existent. They simply set the amount, knowing full well that the family is willing to pay any price for their captive loved one whom they cannot afford to lose.

Our God also doesn’t deal with credit cards. But instead of paying for our captive souls in cash or with any other perishable things like silver or gold (cf. 1 Pt. 1:18), He gave as a ransom for many (Mk. 10:45) a price more precious than anything in the universe: the Blood of Christ His Son (cf. 1 Pt. 1:19) who was handed over to be mocked, spat upon, scourged, and put to death for our sake (cf. Mk. 10:33-34). Neither death nor the devil could have expected something so exceedingly generous. It only goes to show just how much God loves and values sinful us.

Captors demand cash. For everything else, so the commercial tells us, there’s Mastercard.

The devil desires to hold our souls captive. But, thanks be to God that for our salvation and, really, for everything else, there’s our Master, Christ.


~ by Fr. Noel F. Zamora on Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

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