Time’s God Heals All Wounds

Homily for Tuesday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Preached on August 3, 2010 at Saint Andrew Catholic Church, Harrodsburg KY
Readings: Jeremiah 30:1-2, 12-15, 18-22; Psalm 102:16-18, 19-21, 29, 22-23; Matthew 14:22-36

All this talk of incurable wounds, grievous bruises, and running sores (cf. Jer. 30:12-13) reminds me of my most recent hospital visit. I suppose that, after so many rounds of doctor’s check-ups, antibiotics, pain medication, and other drugs that I can hardly spell or, much less, pronounce, I too have become anxious and impatient for my own wound to get healed. But, as every patient eventually learns, it takes time for all wounds to heal, and time’s God to heal them.

This is what Jeremiah reminds the wounded Israel, struck down by the might of the conquering Gentile. It is foolish for Israel to expect that she could find a quick cure on her own. There is none to plead her cause (Jer. 30:13). All her lovers have forgotten her (Jer. 30:14); her allies have left her on her own. Intense is her pain without relief, her guilt immense (Jer. 30:15). Yet, in the face of her injuries, Jeremiah reassures Israel that the remedy to her wound and the restoration to her glory are at hand (Jer. 30:17-19), but only in God’s time and according to God’s plan. If she tries to rely on anyone else, she would only find herself all the more sore and sorry.

So it is for the rest of us who are wounded in many ways: be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. We too need to be reminded that it takes time for all wounds to heal, and time’s God to heal them. Do not doubt the healing that He will bring to your injuries. Remember how in the fullness of time God became man and “He Himself bore our sins in His body upon the cross, so that, free from sin, we might live for righteousness” (1 Pt. 2:24). It is “by His wounds” that ours “have been healed” (1 Pt. 2:24).


~ by Fr. Noel F. Zamora on Tuesday, August 3, 2010.

One Response to “Time’s God Heals All Wounds”

  1. What rewards we get when we wait on the Lord! He is always faithful!

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