The Pews of Saint Andrew’s (1)

All that We Have: The Pews of Saint Andrew’s, Part 1
Published on August 31-September 1, 2013 in the Parish Bulletin of Saint Andrew Catholic Church, Harrodsburg KY

There are three sets of church pews at Saint Andrew’s. All of them are made of white oak and have a natural finish. Most have padded kneelers and hymnal racks installed at the back.

pewThe oldest set are the six pews in the Daily Mass Chapel. These had been in the choir loft of the Church built on Chiles Street in 1976. They came from the chapel of Saint Mary’s College in Saint Mary, Kentucky after its seminary closed in 1976.

Carved at both ends of these pews is a latin cross bottony. This is a cross in which the ends of its arms terminate in three rounded lobes or buds, forming a sort of trefoil that is symbolic of the Blessed Trinity.

Three pews from this set are marked with brass memorial plates. Two of these commemorate a gift from JoAnn Martin: the first is in memory of her parents Joseph and Alma Warner; the second in memory of her uncle Everett and aunt Aileen Harlow. A third pew commemorates a gift from Mary Jane Trimble in honor of the Kelty and Newton families.

The second set of church pews are the thirty-two that were made by Fordyce Church Furniture, Inc. in Fordyce, Arkansas. These graced the nave of the Church that was built in 1976. They replaced the carved Gothic pews that were painted white and had adorned the old clapboard Church built in 1893. This second set of pews were moved into the nave of the present Church after it was built in 2001.

Parish records reveal the names of the following donors whose gifts had made the purchase of these pews possible in 1976: Alexander and Royalty Funeral Home; Mr. and Mrs. Warren O. Benjamin; Samuel and Virginia Carey; Jerome Germann; Mary M. Germann; Gene and Joan Hartlage; Mr. and Mrs. William Hoskins; Phil Huff; JW McClellan; Gregory and Eva Mislow; FM Murray; Saint Mary’s Church in Perryville; the Rev. John T. Spalding; and Fannie Morton Sullivan.

The following also gave memorial gifts towards the purchase of these pews: the Rev. John Barker in memory of his father Alfred Barker; the Carey children and grandchildren in memory of Rosa Carey; Jack Coleman in memory of Cecil Henry; Jane K. Dearing in memory of her father Albert Keller; Sunshine Henry in memory of her husband Cecil Henry; the Huff family in honor of Oma Huff; the Landen family in memory of Joseph Landen; Margie McGlone and her children in memory of Henry T. McGlone; Mary Hill Meredith in memory of Mary Louise Hill; the Osborne family in memory of Generose Osborne; the Rev. Stanley Osborne in memory of the Rev. E. John Prechtel; BM Royalty, Brennan Royalty, and Betsy Stewart in memory of Bernice Royalty; and Mike and Shirley Vah in memory of their daughter Tracy Ann Vah.


~ by Fr. Noel F. Zamora on Saturday, August 31, 2013.

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