The Pews of Saint Andrew’s (2)

All that We Have: The Pews of Saint Andrew’s, Part 2
Published on September 7-8, 2013 in the Parish Bulletin of Saint Andrew Catholic Church, Harrodsburg KY


There are three sizes for this second set of pews: twenty-six span a length of 207.5 inches, three a length of 153 inches, and another three a length of 111 inches. They were built with a simple, modern style in mind, having as their only ornamentation a routed latin cross beneath each arm rest.

In order to supplement the seating in the bigger 2001 Church, wooden chairs and benches from Big Lots were bought and built by parishioners. These graced the nave and the narthex of the Church from 2001 to 2012.

In April 2011, Saint Andrew’s purchased eighteen oak pews from the now closed 1850 Church of Good Shepherd Parish on Wapping Street in downtown Frankfort, Kentucky. Our parish paid $200 for each pew and received two modesty boards for free. These were sent to the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex in West Liberty, Kentucky, to have them refurbished according to the design of the 1976 Church pews. This third set of pews were installed in the Church in July 2012 and replaced the wooden chairs and benches from Big Lots.

Twenty-three pews of six different sizes were built from the eighteen that were bought from Good Shepherd. The shortest pair, both 45.5 inches long, are used by the altar servers. There are two pews that are 69 inches long, two that are 81.5 inches long, one that is 111 inches long in the choir section, and two that are 15 feet long. Fourteen other pews span a length of 16 feet. Five of these are in the nave; six are right by the walls of the Church; two are in the narthex; one is in the parish hall.

Five pew rails of three different sizes were built from the two modesty boards from Good Shepherd. The one in front of the choir section is 8 feet long. The two on either side of the main aisle are 77.5 inches long; the other two right by the side aisles are 78 inches long.

Twenty-six of these second and third sets of pews are marked with bronze memorial plates. They commemorate the gifts presented to the parish by the following donors: Peter and Debra Balles; Earl and JoAnne Belcher, in memory of Earl’s parents, David and LuVena Belcher, and of JoAnne’s parents, Vincent and Dora DiBelardino; Danny Boone; the Browning and Carey families; the Bunco Group, in memory of James. J. Drakeford; Edward Eivers, in memory of his parents, Patrick and Helena Eivers; Ronald and Carolyn Ferreira; Joseph and Jennifer Fister, in memory of Joe’s father, Bill Fister; the Bert A. Gilkison family; Elizabeth Hardin, in memory of her husband, Charles A. Hardin; Bryan and Judy Joyce; Sarah Kehrt; Patricia Keller, in memory of her brother, Gus Clarke, and of her husband, John L. Keller; the Knights of Columbus Council 6317; Bob and JoAnn Martin; Leon and Mary Kay Mayo; Joyce McKinney, in memory of her husband, Doc, and of her son, David McKinney; Gary and Bonnie Moore; the David Patterson family; Bill and Noreta Royalty, in memory of Noreta’s parents, Henry and Margie McGlone, and of her sister Marilyn and brother-in-law Tom Denny; Tim and Lori Sheehan; Mary Jane Trimble, in honor of her parents, Joseph and Patricia Kelty, and of the Muench family; and Anne Shannon Williams, in memory of her mother, Anne Elizabeth McClellan.


~ by Fr. Noel F. Zamora on Saturday, September 7, 2013.

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