Decree Erecting the Stations

All that We Have: The Stations of the Cross of Saint Andrew’s, Part 2
Published on November 16-17, 2013 in the Parish Bulletin of Saint Andrew Catholic Church, Harrodsburg KY

The second part of the document is a decree signed by the Most Rev. William George McCloskey (1823-1909) who was the Bishop of Louisville from 1868 to 1909. It granted to Fr. Thomas the faculty to bless and erect the Stations of the Cross at Saint Andrew Church. The decree reads as follows in Latin:

decreeNos Gulielmus Georgius,
Dei et Sedis Apostolicae Gratia Episcopus Ludovicopolitanus,
Facultate Nobis a Sancta Sede benigne concessa utentes, libenter annuimus praefatis oratoris precibus; ac tenore praesentium committimus Rev. Domo. Cyrino Thomas ut in ecclesia de qua in precibus, S. Viae Crucis Stationes benedicat et erigat cum adnexis pro devote illas visitantibus indulgentiis et privilegiis. Servatis omnibus de jure servandis, et relicto peractae erectionis testimonio, ut infra, propria erigendis manu subscripto.
Datum Ludovicopoli die 20 Martii 1897
Gulielmus Georgius, Epũs. Ludovicopolitanus.

The English translation of the above is as follows:

We William George,
by the grace of God and of the Apostolic See, Bishop of Louisville,

using the faculty graciously granted to us by the Holy See, willingly assent to the above-mentioned request of the petitioner; and, by the tenor of these presents, entrust to the Rev. Lord Cyrin Thomas that, in the Church for which it was requested, he may bless and erect the Holy Stations of the Way of the Cross with the annexed indulgences and privileges for those who devoutly visit them. With all the things preserved by law that must be preserved, and with the testimony of erection being left transfixed, that is found below, must be signed by hand by the one who erects them.

Dated in Louisville on the 20th day of March, 1897
(Signed) William George, Bishop of Louisville

The Stations of the Cross were blessed and erected at the old clapboard Church of Saint Andrew by Fr. Cyrin Thomas on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 28, 1897, the week after he received the delegation above from Bishop McCloskey. Fr. Thomas would have used the Ritus Erigendi Stationes Viae Crucis (Rite of Erecting the Stations of the Cross) that was found in the old Rituale Romanum.


~ by Fr. Noel F. Zamora on Saturday, November 16, 2013.

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