The Stations Old and New

All that We Have: The Stations of the Cross of Saint Andrew’s, Part 3
Published on November 23-24, 2013 in the Parish Bulletin of Saint Andrew Catholic Church, Harrodsburg KY

The third part of this document is Fr. Thomas’ testimony of the formal erection of the Stations of the Cross. The testimony reads as follows in Latin:

Testimonium Erectionis
Vigore facultatis mihi commissae, ego Cyrinus Thomas S. Viam Crucis cum adnexis indulgentiis erexi in ecclesia ut supra in precibus juxta regulas S. Indulgentiaum Congregatione die 10 Maji 1742 praescriptas.
In quorum fidem testimonium hoc mea manu subscripsi hac die 28 Martii 1897.
Cyrinus Thomas, Rector

The English translation of the above is as follows:

Testimony of Erection

By virtue of the faculty granted to me, I Cyrin Thomas erected the Holy Way of the Cross with its annexed indulgences at the Church named above in the request, in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Congregation of Sacred Indulgences on May 10, 1742.

In faithful testimony of which I have signed this [document] with my own hand on this 28th day of March 1897.
Cyrin Thomas, Rector

Station II from the set erected and blessed in 1897, now found in Mary Huff's home

Station II from the set erected and blessed in 1897, now found in Mary Huff’s home

The Stations of the Cross that were blessed and erected by Fr. Thomas for the white clapboard church were large colored lithographs framed in wood. Attached at the top of each station was a handmade wooden latin cross bottony with an inscribed roman numeral for that station. These stations were given to parishioners after the 1893 church was torn down in 1974. Only a few remain, among them being the second station (Jesus carries His cross) that hangs in the living room of Mary Huff’s home in Rose Hill.

These Stations of the Cross were replaced with a second set in the 1975 Saint Andrew Church. This is the same set that now graces the walls of the present 2001 Church. This set features fourteen cast bronze figures that are 5.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. Each station is mounted on a latin cross that was made by Mark Willmott. He fashioned these crosses from the poplar wood that was salvaged from the 1893 Church after it was torn down. The vertical beam of each cross is 16 inches tall, its horizontal beam 10.5 inches long.

In an effort to highlight these dark-stained crosses on the red brick walls of the Church, Deacon Richard Abbey mounted each station on crosses gilded by Christine Coughlin with gold leaf. This was done in time for the observance of the Lenten season in 2012.

~ by Fr. Noel F. Zamora on Saturday, November 23, 2013.

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