Simbang Gabi, Taong K

Every year, since 2007, I have prepared the bilingual worship aide for the Simbang Gabi in Lexington. (I have prepared the one for Louisville since 2013.) It was an annual ordeal of typing up the prayers and readings in both English and Tagalog, notating the music for the hymns and Mass parts, designing the worship aide and proofreading it, sending it (for the Simbang Gabi in the Archdiocese of Louisville) to the Office of Worship for review and approval, and finally printing it on the photocopying machine. This year, I realized that it would be easier instead to prepare a worship aide for each of the liturgical years (A, B, and C), instead of preparing one for every calendar year (2013, 2014, 2015, etc.). In this way, we save ink and paper and we can re-use the excess copies in two years. I also spare myself from the hassle of typing and editing during one of the busiest seasons in the liturgical year.

visitationOf course, this meant that I had to sit down and do some serious homework. But, it turned out to be a good Advent exercise to re-read the lectionary for the season and to acquaint myself with the hidden treasures of Filipino liturgical music. The worship aide for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year C, is the result of this reflection. The pdf file can be accessed here.

I hope to continue working on the aides for the other liturgical years as well as for the rest of the weekdays (December 16 to 24) for the Simbang Gabi. My thought is to re-introduce our people to the wealth of Filipino liturgical music out there, but also to have a specific Mass setting in Tagalog for each liturgical year. For Year C, I chose the Mass setting in the Tinapay ng Buhay songbook, Volume 1, that was composed by Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ (born 1965) with Jandi Arboleda assisting him in composing a couple of the Mass parts.

I had designed the worship aide in such a way that our Filipino Catholic communities out there can switch a different cover for their own celebrations. Of course, it goes without saying that they should take the initiative of requesting permission to print and use the songs and Mass setting from those who own the copyright, in this case, Jesuit Communications, Foundation, Inc.

I have yet to find an accessible resource for the psalmody in Tagalog; so, for the moment, I have used the psalms composed by Owen Alstott (born 1947) for Oregon Catholic Press (OCP). I suggest that whoever wishes to use this worship aide should also get an online license from OCP to print and use the psalm.


~ by Fr. Noel F. Zamora on Monday, December 7, 2015.

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